Momentum prides itself on creating high-end video content, and we want to deliver you the best product possible. Chances are you already have a logo, along with a carefully chosen and designed style for your graphics. So in order for us to keep your content looking on-brand and at the highest quality possible, there's a few things we need!


The basics

If you already have a PDF worksheet of brand guidelines, please send them to us!

If not, no stress. Just let us know the following;

Got your own special fonts? Fancy! We'd love to use them. So please send them through to us. Just let us know how they're used, and any specifics in the way they need to be presented (colour, size, etc).

Logos Can be a tricky one, so we've chucked heaps of info on this further down the page.

If possible, please do NOT send us images or logos from your existing website or social media.  These images are heavily compressed when uploaded and are way too small to be put into an HD / 4K video. Attempt to track down the file source, which will typically be a larger file than the one displayed. You may need to ask your IT, graphics, or marketing department if you're in a big organisation.


Sending us your graphics

The easiest way to send us your graphics is via email. However, often your file sizes may may be too big to send. In that case, we recommend sending them to us via cloud storage sites, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive etc.

The nerdy details

High resolution graphics are vital, otherwise your logo will look blurry, soft, blocky and not great overall!

We prefer logos with a minimum pixel count of 800x800 pixels for HD videos, and 2,000 x 2,000 or more pixels for 4K videos.

All logos are required with transparent backgrounds. This allows us to implement your logo into whatever way we need to. Logos that don't have transparent backgrounds ( like JPEG files) often contain white and black solid colours which are hard to design around, so be sure to supply us with a format that has transparent backgrounds - More details below.



Minimum 1000x1000 pixels (irrespective of aspect ratio) required

72 DPI (dots per inch) is acceptable, however we prefer 300 DPI. Most print ready logos have minimum of 300 DPI so it's best you send us those if you already have them available.


Accepted image file formats

Portable Network Graphics (.PNG) - Our Recommended

  • Transparent
  • RGB, broadcast safe colours
  • Include Alpha Channel

Adobe Illustrator (.EPS or .AI)

  • Convert fonts to paths or supply PC fonts

Adobe Photoshop (.PSD)

  • RGB, broadcast safe colours
  • Layered (transparent background)
  • Delete un-required layers, channels and paths

TIFF, Targa

  • RGB, broadcast safe colours
  • Include Alpha Channel


  • JPEGs with “High Quality” compression settings are acceptable for Photos and Graphics that do not require any background separation.
  • Note: Graphics acquired from websites (GIF, JPEG) rarely meet broadcast quality standards.

Please note we do not accept PDF files for logos & graphics.

Colour Space

Videos are output in an RGB colour space, so your logo is preferred in this format. We can also accept CMYK colour spaces, but we cannot guarantee exact colour matching through the conversion.

We don't recommend it. Video is a motion picture format, and when still images are included into a video, it can quickly make videos look un-professional, cheap, and kill your audiences attention.

If you really need to include images in your video, there is some things our post-production team can do to give them a little life, but we strongly advise against it. Professional images shot on a proper stills camera work best, as long as they match the feel and tone of the rest of the video, it should be okay.

Can I use phone images?

You can, permitting they look good. Some phones take amazing pictures these days, but it doesn't compare with the quality you'll get with a professional cinema camera. If you do want to include phone photos, they need to be Full HD or above, and shot in a horizontal format, NOT VERTICAL. Vertical shot photos and video will leave 2 black bars on the sides of your video and look incredibly unprofessional. So keep that phone on it's side!

Overall, You want to make sure your photo is going to add to the story and be consistant with the production value. More often than not, still images take away more than they add, so have a chat to us to see whether we think it's appropriate and beneficial to include them.


Using photos in your video