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This film is recommended for Mature audiences. It contains references to self-harm. We recommend younger viewers under 15 years are accompanied by a parent or guardian.


MASKED is a 15 minute feature that follows the story of High Schooler, Zoe, struggling to come out as a trans man. After knowing who they truly are for a while, Zoe finds themselves fatigued by their fear of whether others will accept them or not.

MOMENTUM STUDIOS AUSTRALIA in partnership with KNOX CITY COUNCIL is excited to officially announce the release of ‘MASKED’ – A brand new short film created in conjunction with the Knox ‘ Free To Be Me’ LGBTQIA Youth group.

This incredibly exciting partnership showcases the amazing work of young people aged 15-18 and the Momentum cinema team as we co-create compelling content to create change.

The ‘Free To Be Me’ LGBTQIA youth group has been working on this film in collaboration with Momentum for over 6 months, learning and covering all elements of production, including, but not limited to; Story & script writing, character development, production design, producing, directing, camera, lighting, sound production & post production.


Proudly funded by YACVic & the Victorian Government HEY Grant initiative – Providing grant assistance to projects promoting the mental health of same sex attracted & sex and gender diverse youth.